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STACKING CUP for baby Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

BPA, Phosphate, and Lead-Free - Made from high-quality plastic material that is safe for all ages! It’s the perfect learning toy for newborns (under 6 months old), infants (up to 12 months) and toddlers (1 year old to 18 months). They come in a 11 piece set and stack up to 69cm tall.

Great for Educational Play - Our toys improve motor control and hand/eye skills in young children, they also help you teach sorting sizes, counting to 10, and learning colors. Playing these developmental games encourages brain development in babies, all the way up to preschool.

Make It Playtime, Anytime! - There’s no end to what boys and girls can create with the right toy. From tea parties to sandcastles at the beach, or boat races in the pool or bath. Great for the playground, classroom or in the car! Plus, each cup has an animal character embossed on the bottom, perfect for stamping playdough!

Classic, Colorful and Safe - These stacker toys are very light weight and the ring shape makes stacking and knocking them over safe for children. Your kids will love building these blocks into colorful towers (almost as much as they’ll love knocking them down!)

 Our toys are made with premium, non toxic materials that are tested to ensure they can withstand some serious playtime. We’re excited to inspire young minds with a collection of toys that encourages creative development and endless fun!

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