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1 set ada 12 buku Siap Kombo lagi dengan Nombor Square

Ayat Phonic yang ada dalam tajuk-tajuk pon simple je semuanya & dan Square number boleh attract mereka dengan menulis dan pdam semula sebanyak mungkin

Sesuai untuk umur 3 tahun dan ke atas

Siapa ada anak² umur 3 tahun ke atas?


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Children who are taught the skills of decoding words through sounding out letters and letter combinations tend to be better readers. These twelve little graded readers can be used on their own, or as follow-up reading material to our very well-received preschool phonics programme under the “My Preschool World” series.



1️⃣ Pat Cat and Tat Rat
️2️⃣️ Zag’s Pet
3️⃣️ Rin Gets Meg’s Pin
4️⃣️ Dot the Club
5️⃣️ Greg and Fran
6️⃣️ Stan the Stag
7️⃣️ Dan the Ant
8️⃣️ The King’s Ring
9️⃣️ The Lost Sheep
🔟 Fun at the Mall
1️⃣️️1️⃣️ Roy is Going to Town
1️⃣️2️⃣️ Kate’s Cake

Children stay interested in learning to read when they achieve success. This series of twelve easy-to-read phonics readers has been written with this in mind. To enable children to achieve success and gain confidence in reading , each book focuses on a set of skill that builds on the previous books. The task reading is make truly meaningful and enjoyable through the use of controlled vocabulary, simple sentence structures, and rhyming words, couple with captivating plots and interesting illustrations. With these books, children will be able to tell you ” I CAN READ ! ”


I can count 1-100!

With the set of eraser chart, white board markers and whiteboard duster, let your children explore in the world of numbers.

Count number 1 until 100 with the help of the numbers on the square chart.

Explore more by using the blank space to do easy multiplication of 2 along with your children

Mathematics is easy with Number Square Chart. Go and get them now!


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✔️Marker (size for kids)

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