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Material: Wood

Size: 14 (L) x 14 (W) x 12.3 (H) cm

– CREATIVE SORTING GAME FOR KIDS: The Shape-Sorting Wooden Toy is a beautifully constructed wooden toy with 13 bright-colored, easy-to-grip shapes.

– CLASSIC LEARNING ACTIVITY: This ever-popular shape and color activity is sure to engage children. Each shape is designed to fit through a matching hole on the wooden cube.

– STURDY WOODEN CONSTRUCTION: This colorful toy for toddlers and preschoolers promotes color and shape recognition and problem-solving skills.

– GREAT FOR BABY PHYSICAL & MENTAL DEVELOPMENT – One of the classic baby and toddler puzzles, solid wood shape sorter cube comes with 13 different geometric shapes for sorting and encourages development of not only problem solving skills, shape and color recognition but fine motor skills and dexterity as well.


Material: High-Quality Wood + Water Paint Product

Size: 31 x 8 x 5 cm

Weight: 0.35kg

Gender: Unisex

Suit for : Kids age 3 years and above

– Walking and Combination Playing Methods: 1, Toddler Toys: For kids just learning to walk, on the ground or table gently push, the train can move. Children can also follow the train to go, learn to walk. 2. Free combination: each small train has a hook, each carriage can be connected by this hook, make free combination amang the carriages.

– These pieces of wood are made up of geometric figures with different colors. Not only let the child know all kinds of colors, but also let the child have a preliminary understanding of geometric figures. Enrich the baby’s knowledge, and analyze the different roles of different geometric shapes in real life.

– Wooden pull toy train combines the benefits and fun of block play with toddlers’ love of trains and things that move. It consists 19 stackable pieces that can be configured repeatedly. It is perfect for children, change things up or share the fun

– Perfect as Wooden Puzzles, Toddler Puzzles, Preschool Learning Toys, Wooden Blocks and Wooden Toys for boys girls 3 years and over .

– Made of durable wood with smooth edge and eco-friendly non-toxic child safe paint, safe to use. The wood is smooth to protect from hurting toddlers’ hands, very durable and of the highest quality. Perfect sized for toddlers’ hands to grasp and play, big enough to Avoid Swallowing by Baby.

– Strengthens fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills; inspires creativity, imaginative play; a fun way to be on track pulling the wooden stacking toys; blocks feature stunning, contrasting colors, patterns, and smiles

– Shap and Color Playing Methods: 1. Learn different shapes of the blocks, and put every block into the right place of the train. 2. Learn the different colors of the blocks, and kids can put the blocks with same colors into one team to enhance the color perception.

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