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Zaman sekarang boleh dikatakan anak anak pon ada hp sendiri kan kan..ūü§≠

Mcm mana kita nak jadikan hp digunakan utk pembelajaran juga kepada anak anak kita?

Jawapan nya dengan Augmented Reality¬† Dicken Flashcardūüėć


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Dickens Flashcards with Augmented Reality Flashcards are a great tool for children to learn things. Suitable for use in school, at home or while travelling, these cards, complete with attention-grabbing illustrations and questions, provide lots of opportunities for conversation with children and vocabulary expansion.

These Flashcards are great learning tools because…

They provide bite-sized information that makes it easy for children to learn and remember.

They are versatile and multi-functional.
The contents can be used in diverse ways to suit the different learning styles of childrens.

The cards can function as games and quizzes to make learning simple and fun.

These handy-sized cards are convenient to be carried around.

They are a great resource for interactive learning.

Children become actively involved when they get excited and shout out their answers as the questions are posed to them.

The pictures are brightly coloured and will attract the children’s attention.

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