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Selalu pergi taman or park mesti ibu ayah pernah jumpa mainan bubble tu kan…
asal jumpa je, mesti anak anak berlariii nakkk

Ni ha…kami nak offer untuk ibu ayah berjimattt sebab boleh refill siap dalam Crab, Fish & froq tauu…
Selamat untuk main dalam bilik air atau kat rumah…

Siapa nak?



♡ MULTI FUNCTION: This bubble toy is not only a BUBBLE MAKER, but also a funny baby BATH TOY as well as a MUSIC PLAYER!

A Really Great Bathtub Toys for Infant Baby, Toddlers, Young Kids!

With this cute bubble machine, your baby will love having a bath and enjoy a wonderful happy bath time.

👀 WHY THIS BUBBLE Toy? for its funny design, when it begin to blow bubbles/ foams from the mouth (nozzle) part, the whole face of the toy will be filled with bubbles, which has a sense of comedy effect. Children will giggle and get excited, so as to have a interesting bath time.

♬ 12 CLASSICAL NURSERY RHYMES: Music is the best creator for a happy atmosphere. Children always easily get affected by the music sound. For baby, nothing could be more happy and satisfied than having a bath with bubble fun and beautiful melodies!

✔ SAFE SELF-MAKING BUBBLE SOLUTION: Since this is a bubble bath toy for baby, safety should be the first concern to consider. The bubble crab is made from non-toxic ABS material. And the chance is here up to you for choosing which brand baby shower gel. Then just mix the shower gel with water to blow bubbles!

☺ STRONG SUCTION CUPS: This bubble bath toy is bigger than you imagined, but it could be fixed on the bathroom wall firmly. Just wipe the wall clean before sucking in case any air leakage to the 3 suckers!

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