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BLOCK MATCHING PUZZLE GAME for KIDS Ratings: 0 - 0 votes


  • Education and entertainment: This wooden puzzle contains 7 colors and 5 geometric shapes. You can ask your child about numbers, colors and shapes, and then try different combinations. This helps your child exercise his brain while playing. They are great toys for 1 2 3 year old boys and girls.
  • Gameplay upgrade: 16 double-sided problem cards includes 8 double-sided advanced difficulty playing methods, step by step loop breakthrough, so that children can improve their comprehensive abilities during play. One: look for blocks with the same color and shape as the cards. Two: Find blocks of the same shape only by shadow. 3: Find blocks of the same color according to color order, not according to shape. 4: Find blocks of the same number of points as cards by color. Five: Use gestures to select blocks of the same shape. Six: Select blocks of the same shape in order of arrows. Seven: select blocks of the same color according to the arrow order. Eight: select blocks of the same color and shape according to the arrow order.
  • Thoughtful design for babies: The size is suitable for the hands of young children, and it is an excellent choice for travel toys. Your kids will love bright colors, different geometric shapes and attractive designs. Moreover, the edges of the stacked blocks are smooth, which is very suitable for small palms.
  • The best choice for parents: Sometimes you need to obtain this wooden educational preschool shape and color recognition geometric board. As a parent, you may hate noisy nasty toys. It is great to have a wooden puzzle educational toy that can stimulate imagination and play an educational role.
  • Special materials for children: As a parent, you absolutely want materials that are most suitable for your children. Made from non-toxic wood, with food-grade water-based paint, it is safe for children and friendly to the environment. It is an ideal gift for boys and girls ages 1 2 3.
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